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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

logo Most of the SIGs meet all during the month at the either McCoy Academy or Emanual Legacy Hospital Meeting Rooms in order to provide training and support for particular fields of interest. Members meet to learn a specific program, or to explore the programs most suitable for a particular occupation or profession. The SIGs are initiated and run by members. Note that the CAI SIG and POLUG SIG meet elsewhere.

Current Schedule of Special Interest Groups:
Always check the calendar for the latest details.

SIG Focus: Leader: Email: Meets:
Audio-Visual Mike Hazlett av@ppcug.org 3rd Sat. 10am
Meets at
Legacy Emanuel Hospital Meeting Rooms
Computer Aided Investing SIG

webpage: www.ppcug.org/CAISIG/

Sr Renč Foster cai@ppcug.org

see CAI-SIG webpage for time & place  www.ppcug.org/CAISIG/ 

Hardware Gralof de Vries hardware@ppcug.org 4th Sat. 10am
Meets at
Legacy Emanuel Hospital Meeting Rooms
Linux Douglas Howard linux@ppcug.org 4th Sat. 1pm
Meets at McCoy Academy see newsletter
PDA Douglas Howard pda4me@ppcug.org 4th Sat. 1pm
Meets at McCoy Academy  see newsletter
Genealogy SIG: POLUG

(Portland Oregon Legacy Users Group)
Beverly Walker polug@ppcug.org Oct 28th 1-3pm at SCLC 

4th Wed 10am-noon
in 2010 at Concordia

New webpage:

Wildcard SIG Scott Burr wildcard@ppcug.org

2nd Sat 10am
Meets at Legacy Emanuel Hospital Meeting Rooms

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